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ICT - Key Stage 2

Knowledge, skills and understanding
Finding things out
1 Pupils should be taught:
a) to talk about what information they need and how they can find and use it [for example, searching the internet or a CD-ROM, using printed material, asking people]
b) how to prepare information for development using ICT, including selecting suitable sources, finding information, classifying it and checking it for accuracy [for example, finding information from books or newspapers]
Breadth of study
5. During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through:
a) working with a range of information to consider its characteristics and purposes [for example, collecting factual data from the internet and a class survey to compare the findings]
b) working with others to explore a variety of information sources and ICT tools [for example, searching the internet for information about a different part of the world, designing textile patterns using graphics software, using ICT tools to capture and change sounds]