People and Partners

What Partners say about Rewards


“The biggest advantage of being a co-owner is that you get to share in the profits. Once a year we get a bonus, which is a percentage of our salary – and it’s exactly the same percentage for every Partner.”

Photograph of the John Lewis Go-Karting Tournament
The John Lewis Go-Karting Tournament -
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“We all get a direct reward for our work at John Lewis. In recent years the bonus has been anywhere between 8% and 18% of whatever you earn. That works out as a lot of extra money.”

“Some of what the company makes I get back as a Partner. At other companies that money would have gone to somebody else, but as a co-owner it comes to me, not a shareholder.”

“The bonus is something we look forward to every year. The excitement in the weeks leading up to it is incredible, we all love guessing how much it will be. Then on the day it’s announced, we have a countdown until they open the letter with the result. It’s like the Oscars … except everybody wins!”

Photograph of retired Johm Lewis partners John and Ethel Evans in 1995
Ethel and John Evans (1995) -
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“The John Lewis final salary pension scheme is a fantastic benefit. And we don’t have to contribute any money from our salaries towards it, which is very unusual these days.”

“The pension scheme for all Partners gives you fantastic peace of mind for when you get to old age. And if you’re unlucky enough to suffer illness, there are great health benefits, too.”

“The Financial Assistance Committee assists people with special needs and our Leisure Learning Scheme helps with educational funding. Where else can you go to night school and get half of the cost paid for you? There are also great John Lewis learning courses if you want to get on in the business.”

“The Partnership has brilliant leisure and sports facilities. There are residential clubs and holiday centres, and lots of social clubs and societies. They even subsidise visits to live entertainment.”

Cricket tournament 19991990 - click for full picture
Inter-Branch Cricket Tournament (1999) -
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“John Spedan Lewis was keen to make sure that the Partnership was not all about work, and the social side of things is still very alive. The Partnership will support you whatever your hobbies, from sailing to snooker, sewing to mountain bikes.”

“My personal life has developed thanks to John Lewis. I’ve learnt to sail – the Partnership has 5 ocean-going yachts – and I’ve also had riding and flying lessons.”

“We love the discounts! I get 25% discount in John Lewis stores and 15% at Waitrose. Believe me, 15% off the weekly grocery bill is a huge benefit!”