People and Partners

What Partners say about Responsiblity

Photograph of John Lewis partners outside Cole Brothers Store (2002)
Partners on customer service (2002) -
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“Because you are co-owner of the business, you do feel more responsibility. You are not just a cog in the wheel, you want to do well.”

“As a buyer I spend John Lewis’s money and it’s important to spend that money wisely. I feel more responsibility than if I was spending money for a competitor or on behalf of a shareholder.”

“As a manager my responsibility is to make decisions, but I share the responsibility for those decisions. That creates better working relationships because people feel they have been involved and will support decisions more enthusiastically.”

John Lewis worker showing the range of John Lewis' Organic Foods (1999)
Range of Organic Foods (1999) -
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“John Lewis has a great reputation, masses of choice and good quality products – that makes you proud to be a Partner, and makes you take your day to day responsibilities very seriously.”

“Every Partner has a task or job, that’s the same as other retailers, but at the end of the chain we actually get the benefits from the task we’ve done. That means you want to do your job as well as humanly possible.”

“My favourite part is dealing with customers, I love the interaction. We have such a wide assortment of goods it means our customers come back time and time again.”

Charities committe making donation in 1999
Charities Committee donation (1999) -
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“Partners get greater job satisfaction because they can directly influence what happens in the business. It’s about putting 100% in to get 100% back."

“As a Partner, I care a lot more about how the business is run than people who work in other shops. I take a keen interest in making sure my department is run properly.”

“At John Lewis, we all have a lot of respect for each other and a lot of trust – as Partners, we’re very much in it together, and all want to do well.”

“If we create the right conditions and our Partners are happy it creates a positive circle – and then our customers will be happy.”