People and Partners

What Partners say about Knowledge

Photograph of group of children having cooking class on the 'Cooking Bus' (1999)
The Cooking Bus (1999) -
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“John Lewis has a magazine for the whole company called The Gazette and the Chronicle newspapers for individual branches. Both titles share information on a wide range of topics for all Partners. There are no management secrets at John Lewis.”

School elections 1997 - click here for full picture
School elections (1997) - click to enlarge

“We always have a meeting before we open in the morning – that gets us all going and sets the agenda for the day. Then we have a 30 minutes training session at the end of the week to discuss issues together and look forward to the next week.”

School Conservation Project - click here for full picture
Conservation Project - click to enlarge

“We spend a lot more time sharing information among ourselves than other retailers. If Partners are to feel they are part of the business, they have to know about the business.”

“We get a tremendous amount of information about what’s happening at all levels of John Lewis. As a Partner, it’s my responsibility to be well informed - to read the Gazette or find out what happened at Branch Forum meetings.”