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Bathroom Smells


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A box of Pot Purri available from the John Lewis Store

Smell can create likes and dislikes – and technology can push the good and bad buttons. Chemists are able to produce synthetic smells to mimic nature, and instruments are able to analyze and measure smells so that pleasant ones can be copied and nasty ones eliminated.

Soap dispenser

Air fresheners may smell like lemon or lime, toothpaste like mint, and bath salts like the sea, but all three are man-made smells.

Air conditioning means controlling the condition of the air inside a room or building. An air conditioner can warm or cool the air, no matter what the temperature is like outside. It can also change the humidity (the amount of moisture in the air).

Air conditioning can remove dirt and bad smells from the air, too – including the kind you sometimes get in bathrooms! In the old days, the only kind of air conditioning was provided by windows – and opening them to let fresh air in on winter nights was not always a tempting idea.

World War II was a hard time for Britain, but one thing did get softer. Thanks to new techniques of paper processing, soft toilet paper was introduced to Britain for the first time in 1942.


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