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Compact Discs

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Catalogue entry for Sony and Technics CD microsystems 1996 Sony T11 and Technics SC-CA01 Micro-Systems (1996) - click for full image

First introduced in 1983, digital recordings had conquered the music business by the 1990s with the compact disc (CD).

Catalogue entry for Panasonic portable CD player
Panasonic mini CD Player -
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A compact disc, is a small, round piece of a plastic called polycarbonate. It is used to record music and other sounds. When you play the disc, a laser beam inside the CD player reads a coded pattern of signals on the disc. The code is changed back into sound signals, which then go to the speakers.

Recordable CDs are finally reaching a price level that means they can be used for home recordings. CD recorders offer two recording options: rewritable and write-once.

Write-once discs can be recorded once only and cannot be edited. They can be used with all CD players. Rewritable discs can be re-recorded, although the discs can be played back only on CD-rewritable players or players that have MultiRead capability

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