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Kitchen layout from John Lewis catalogue 1990
Kitchen Utensils 1990 - click to enlarge

Old fashioned pots and pans, teapots, lemon squeezers, butter dishes and toasters have been joined in the modern kitchen by espresso coffee sets, cordless kettles, smooth blenders, modern mixers, ice crushers, bread makers, Martini sets, fondues, woks and continental panini (sandwich) makers.

catalogue entry kenwood wok - click to view full image
Kenwood Electric Wok -
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A few generations ago, British people only ate traditional British food. As Chinese, Italian and Indian restaurants have gradually become the most popular places to eat in this country, people have changed their home cooking habits, too – using Chinese woks, Italian coffee makers, etc.

All these modern appliances have one thing in common, they are made with tough but light synthetic materials like Teflon. Teflon is a heat-resistant plastic that’s used for the non-stick coating on kitchen pots and pans. 


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