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The John Lewis Store

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Peter Jones Store, Kings Road, Chelsea (1910) - click image to enlarge
Peter Jones Store, Kings Road, Chelsea (1910) - click image to enlarge

The Victorians first discovered the advantages of the department store, but the idea of meeting all the needs of the household under one roof is as useful as ever today.

A pink 'retro' style radio available from the John Lewis Store
Modern 'Retro' Radio

John Lewis department stores are proud of their reputation as the place for shoppers who want everything at their fingertips. If a team of burglars were to strip a house to the floorboards, it could be completely re-equipped by John Lewis.

Around a third of a typical department store is dedicated to clothing and fashion, and the rest by home furnishing products and domestic equipment.

Electrical goods range from the latest computer hardware to the biggest American fridges, there’s furniture for every room in the house in all kinds of styles and patterns; lighting and gardening equipment, sports goods, toys, cameras, books …

Taking into account every possible variation of size and colour, John Lewis department stores offer more than half a million different items!

Many, if not most of those items, are produced using modern technology.


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