Gadgets and Style

A selection of modern appliances - dishwasher, widescreen tv and microwave Technology has changed to the way we work, entertain ourslelves and eat

Fridges, freezers, electric cookers, washing machines … these aren’t just fancy things your parents buy in a department store because they make the kitchen look pretty. They are practical things that make household chores easier and quicker to do.

Most of these appliances are fairly modern inventions. In fact, your house is full of things that only existed in science fiction movies or fantasy comic books twenty or thirty years ago.

You might take computers, digital phones, power showers, widescreen televisions and Beyonce CDs, for granted, but your mum and dad didn’t have these things when they were kids, let alone your grandparents.

All these domestic appliances and mod cons (modern conveniences, gadgets, objects) are the result of changing technology. Every one of them makes a big difference to home life - and we’ve not even mentioned basics like modern heating, lighting and plumbing.

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