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The Power of Electricity


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Electrical Fire from 1956
Electrical Fire (1956)

The electricity in your house comes from a power station. In all power stations, some kind of power pushes a huge wheel round very fast. This wheel turns an enormous machine called a generator, which makes the electricity. Some power stations get power from burning coal or oil. Others make electricity from the power of running water or from nuclear power. Wind farms use giant windmills to generate electricity.

Wires carry electricity for long distances across the country. Tall pylons hold the wires far away from the ground so people and animals below are safe.

The electricity flows from a local substation to your house through underground cables or overhead wires. The electricity comes into each house through a meter box which counts how much electricity is used. The more electricity you use, the bigger your bills – that’s why your parents are always telling you to switch lights off!


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