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Bedroom Furniture


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Bed fitted into wall cupboards from the John Lewis caatalogue (2004)
Space saving beds (2004)

These days, modular (pre-produced, uniform shapes, sizes and designs) furniture ranges provide different combinations of sleeping, storage and working areas for people of different ages and needs. Each piece (for example, a cupboard or a set of shelves) is sold separately. Partial self assembly is usually required.

Colour is very important in a bedroom – many adults like to choose shades that are gentle and relaxing at night, and if the room is to be used during the day, refreshing and comfortable in natural light, too.

Brightly coloured child's armchair
Children's furniture (2004)

Kids, on the other hand, like to keep things bright, and fill their rooms with toys, whether they’re hi-tech, computer driven things, crazy modern plastic designs, or traditional old wooden toys.

Twenty of thirty years ago, special bedroom furniture for children was unusual. Now adults can can kit their room out in one style, and kids in a totally different way

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