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Black and white photgraph of 1960s bed linen
1960s bed linen

How did your grandmother wash heavy wool blankets? With difficulty is the answer.

Even if there had been washing machines several generations ago, old-fashioned blankets would have shrunk at high temperatures. Now machine-washable bed linen uses natural fibres like cotton with man-made polyester or viscose.

The John Lewis linen department in 1968
Linen Department (1968)
The John Lewis linen department in 1914
Linen Department (1914)

Luxury feather-filled cushions sometimes have polyester and nylon covers. Synthetic duvets are not only extra
light but also extremely warm. All synthetic duvets are machine washable at 60 degrees C – the temperature at which dust mites are killed. As dust mites are one of the main causes of asthma, that’s what you call healthy technology.

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