Working Lives

Angie Gibson, 2011

Angie Gibson started work as a Graduate Trainee in 2011

Angie's Goals

Ladies business dress 1990s
Business dress

Angie Gibson, 21, has just started work in the Fashion Department at the John Lewis department store in Brent Cross, North London. She is following in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who were all members of the John Lewis Partnership.

Ladies fashion department - current
Ladies Fashion Department

As a graduate trainee, Angie works full time. She drives to work in the small car which her parents bought for her twenty-first birthday. It was also a present for passing all her university exams! She wears a navy or black suit at work which comes in two versions for women, one with a skirt, the other with trousers.

Angie’s goal is to get on in the Partnership. She knows she needs to understand the stock and systems in this department and the others she will work in during her year's training. She is looking forward to visiting other branches to see how they work and hopes that by the end of her training she'll be experienced enough to be given her own section to manage.